Our focus on education is not limited to the classroom; we periodically engage students of all ages in discussions around the heritage of the Coca-Cola Company, Beverage Benefits and the environment as part of their tour of our manufacturing plant. Over and above this, we work in partnership with KidZania – a Ministry of Education approved Edutainment destination – to actively encourage children to learn "how to make Coke" and to subsequently recycle it's packaging. To this effect, we hosted a very successful Coca-Cola WishWall event on World Environment Day in conjunction with the EWS-WWF, which was prominently featured in a number of local newspapers.

Our commitment to recycling and reducing our ecological impact in this region can best be seen in our 'Recycle Happiness' initiative; the first phase of this initiative is in conjunction with Dubai Properties and supports recycling by helping consumers recognize that items they consider waste today can be used to make furniture and be used as a part of a lifestyle product they may use tomorrow. The program will help reduce the amount of materials that are deposited into our landfills by using recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, to create new products and turn what was once viewed as "waste" into something that has value.

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